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Searching for Butterflies in South West Switzerland
Butterflies in the Alps

The search for butterflies in the Valais region and surrounding areas of South West Switzerland in June and July of 2011 was prompted by memories of hundreds of butterflies and wonderful mountain scenery during a camping trip to the Val d'Herens as a young teenager.

This film is Pauls personal account of a three week trip revisiting these scenic areas of Switzerland in search of butterflies.

With the help of our friend and Swiss butterfly expert Guy Padfield we found 149 species of butterflies, 128 of these were captured on film and are shown in this twin DVD set lasting approximately two and a half hours.

The film shows the butterflies which were mainly found in the canton of Valais but includes forays into Vaud and the Bernese Oberland for specialities such as Woodland Brown, Common Brassy Ringlet, Scarce Large Blue and Dusky Large Blue.

Lowland butterflies were discovered along the flood plane of the Rhone Valley whilst alpine species were found at heights in excess of 2500 metres amongst the fantastic scenery of the Swiss Alps.

This production was filmed in broadcast quality digital format. The footage has been captured onto two DVD's showing approximately 150 minutes of high quality uncompressed digital video with complete menu accessed using your DVD players remote. Please take a look at the reviews and trailer below.

This section shows a review of the film by Guy Padfield who is a European Butterfly Expert alongside a short trailer of the film.

Guy Padfield - 8 December 2011 (UKButterflies Administrator & European Butterfly Expert)

Paul's captured some riveting footage of common and rare alpine butterflies - some of it involving massive effort as he lugged about 30kg of equipment up the steepest mountain paths! The result is either a vicarious butterfly holiday (for those not intending to visit the Alps in the near future) or essential preparation for a trip (for those who are).

I know a lot of people spend hours studying butterfly books before they leave on holiday to a new place; for anyone heading out to the Alps, watching these videos will be a far easier and more enjoyable way of getting familiar with the species they might see.

It's difficult to write this without it sounding like either a review or a plug, neither of which I really want - I just felt it worth commenting on the DVDs, having seen them. They're the fruit of a lot of work and very successfully bring the Alps in July into the living room!

Please take a look at further reviews by other wildlife experts and customers.

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