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A Peak District Wildlife Diary
Showing you the Peak District wildlife throughout the seasons

Paul spent three years filming the wildlife of the Peak District National Park as this was an area he loved to visit as a child and he wanted to share the experience with a wider audience. This twin DVD set takes an in depth look at the wonderful scenery and wildlife to be found in the Peak District as we move through the seasons.

Paul spent much of his childhood watching and enjoying the wildlife of the Peak District National Park which was close to his family home.
This is where Paul began to learn about and gain a love for the natural history around him.
This twin DVD set begins in the Peak park in the depths of winter where the scenery in the snowy hills and dales is superb and where some interesting wintering birds arrive.

Moving into spring the dales jump into life with emerging flowers and insects. The resident species such as Grey Wagtails and Dippers ready themselves for the year ahead and migrant bird species like the beautiful Redstart and Pied Flycatcher begin to sing in the dales and ancient Oak woods.
Moorland specialities such as Ring Ouzel, Whinchat and Mountain Hare begin their yearly cycles on the heather clad hillsides.

Summer brings flowers and the buzzing of insects, where one can just sit and relax in the warmth of the summer sunshine and watch the natural history of the area unfold beside you. Rare orchids and beautiful butterflies adorn the meadows as the songs of Redstart and Skylarks fill the air.

The final season of Autumn begins as the leaves change colour and Darter dragonflies complete their courtship up on the moors. The birds have now completed their breeding cycles and some are getting ready to leave the park whilst the Red Deer up on the moor have just begun theirs, as the stags bellow and posture to impress the hinds.
Autumn ends with some wonderful spectacles of early morning sunrises and murmurations of Starlings in a most fantastic sunset.

Please take a look at the 10 minute trailer Paul has prepared to give you a glimpse of the wonderful Peak District wildlife. It is best viewed in High Definition 1080p.

This production was filmed in broadcast quality digital format using Canon XL-H1 and Canon SX60 HS High Definition video cameras. The footage has been captured onto two DVD's showing approximately 145 minutes of high quality uncompressed digital video with complete menu accessed using your DVD players remote. The two discs include a full narrative which differs to that on the trailer.

This twin DVD film set "A Peak District Wildlife Diary" is available for purchase from £15.00 including postage and packing.

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